The Yuen Method and energy

The Yuen method should be considered if it seems like you and your doctor and/or therapist are only putting off the inevitable. That is you will have to just learn to live with your discomfort or pain. The Yuen method can eliminate pain and do it instantly. It's simply a matter of finding out the causes and eliminating them - not trying to cover them up with drugs or excuses or labels.

Don't take my word for it though. You can attend one of the frequent demonstrations FREE in a city near you in the United States or Canada. Or, you can listen in on one of the many tele-seminars given live almost every week.

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Tired Of Being In Pain (either physical or mental?)
to find out an answer

Thank you for your interest.

Ron Smith
Alternative Life and Fitness Coach

Ann Arbor, MI 10-3-10!

Ann Arbor Ron Dr. Kam Y. Gail
Ron - Dr. Kam Yuen - Gail

Ann Arbor Yuen Group Ann Arbor Yuen Group

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Tired Of Being In Pain?
to find out THE answer

You may think I can not direct the wind,
but we certainly can adjust the sails.

The sun may seem like a much bigger challenge,
but again, we can catch and use some of it.

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.
What a source of power........." - Thomas Edison

You're totally responsible for everything in your life
once you realize you're totally responsible for everything in your life

"Let the person who says it cannot be done get out of the way of the person already doing it."
Ancient Proverb.

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