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bar-decor Bubbly News, Issue #006
June 22, 2005

Summer is here! Fall is close behind!

Newest Happenings

WOW! We have continued to improve our product offerings! We just completed our new Tailgaters page. We also added NFL Neon Signs and MLB Neon Signs. We have many new items on these pages.

We have added a NFL Neon Clocks page, too. Be sure to check them all out.

Another new page consists of our Texas Hold Em items. They make for many great new ideas for your summer and fall entertainment.

Our new Las Vegas page should offer many new possibilities to improve your game room and gift list.

Yes, we have been busy. Our new Ford and Dodge pages are now here, too. We have also added several new "Beer" items including bar stools, pub tables and pool table lights.

Our new Custom Car Neon signs should make for many interesting choices to offer to your favorite car buff. There certainly are many fine selections here.

We literally have something for everyone I believe.

Are you having trouble finding all these new items? Be sure to use our "Site Map" page for this. It makes it easier to find some of those pages that seem to alude you. We certainly can't put them all on our "Nav Bar" on the side each page. It would go on forever. We have over 70 pages already and more are coming. Some of the pages we have now may have to be split into two (2) pages because of the large number of items on some pages. If you use a dial-up connection, it would take forever to load these pages in your browser without keeping the page size down.

Recently, we've added many new "Custom Neon" templates so that you can create your very own unique neon! Also, we're adding more "Custom Neon" templates as we get them. We hope that you will find this useful for creating that "Custom" sign for your own game room or bar area. You can expect them to ship in 1-2 weeks from order entry. Please contact us for your special "Custom Neon" request if it's not already on our website.

Remember, for those of you that have you own "Storefront" business, we recently added a complete new page of Business Neon Signs. There are several choices of "OPEN" signs plus everything from ATM signs to WE DELIVER signs! Also, we're putting together another webpage consisting of "Lightbox" signs for your business. Of course, if you want to put one/some of these in your home decor, that's ok, too!

Also, we've added a couple of new colleges to our NCAA pages. Look for more to be happening in this area, too. Say, did you see our new selection of Football Helmet Neon Signs? Be sure to check them out.

We added another new NASCAR bar stool recently. We're expecting more to be coming soon. Be sure to check them out. If you prefer neon signs, check out what we can do with them. If you don't see what you want yet, ask us if we can do it.

We have received many, many new items that were ordered recently. We still need to finish getting them up on our webpages. This is a major project that will take a few more weeks to finalize. Be sure to check back often to see our progress in this area and see if there's something that is of particular interest to you. Your feedback is always appreciated. Let us know what you think of these improvements to our product offering.

New Webpages at Bar Decorations

Be sure to re-visit our website and check out our new webpages. We have some nice special selections for your shopping pleasure and more are on the way. Here are the links:

CLICK HERE To View our Tailgater Page!
CLICK HERE To View our NFL Neon Signs!
CLICK HERE To View our Texas Hold Em Page!

CLICK HERE To View our Orange County Choppers!
CLICK HERE To View our Las Vegas items!
CLICK HERE To View our Business Neon Signs!
CLICK HERE To View our NCAA Neon Signs!

CLICK HERE To View our Guinness Items!
CLICK HERE To View our Corona Beer Neon Signs!
CLICK HERE To View our NFL Mirrors!
CLICK HERE To View our MLB Neon Clocks!
CLICK HERE To View our NFL Neon Clocks!


More and more people are finding this useful page and using it. The Free Classifieds that appear on this page are to help match those that have unique items for sale with those that are looking for that item. Simply submit your item for sale or the item you're seeking on the form(s). We'll review them and post them to assist you in matching up sellers and buyers for unique bar decorations, beer decorations, NASCAR, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc. Please limit your submissions to items that relate to what we offer on this website.

our "Free Classifieds" Webpage!

New Site-Map Web Page

We've added many new pages to our website recently. There are far too many to display on our "Navigation Bar" on the left side of our webpages. So, to make it easier for you to navigate our complete website, we have added this "Site-Map" webpage to provide easy links to these harder-to-find pages. Of course, we put this new page on our "Nav Bar" so you can find it from any page. We appreciate any and all suggestions to make using our site easier for you. Here's the link to this new page:

our "Site-Map" Webpage!

In the Brew!

(coming real soon)

We're continuing to build more content for you. In addition to the many pages we've added recently, we're working on several others. We're adding more "Templates" for making your own "Custom Neons" in many areas. Also, we continue to get more suppliers contacting us to handle their products on this website.

Right now, we're concentrating on getting more Major League Baseball items listed. Have you seen the MLB Neons? Although probably none of you have seen them all, we already have 80+ pages on this website! And, we're just beginning. Stay tuned and we will keep you up to date.

Bottoms up!

Ron Smith :o)
The Bubble Maker

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