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MIpower is behind the effort to end terrorism in the U.S.A. and the rest of the World. 
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Lead Mag 10 Great Tips


Great that you took this step to begin/or continue to take control of your life and health. I’ve been on this path myself for over 30 years, so you’re not getting info from a novice.


So, with that being said, let’s get right into the list below:

> • ENERGY: A great place to begin is with energy. If we have enough energy and strength to get through the day we are well on our way to achieving better health. Following the tips listed below will go a long way to getting and maintaining increased energy. I personally meet with an Energy Healing Group on a regular basis, too.

> • ANTIOXIDANTS: This cannot be stressed enough. We need all the tools available to ward off harmful effects to our bodies.

> • INCREASE OXYGEN: This can not be emphasized enough! Oxygen is critical in maintaining health and in regaining health if in declining health. There are many ways to improve your oxygen intake including exercise, proper breathing, the water you drink, etc. Why do you think hospitals have oxygen chambers?

> • ALKALINE PH: You should do everything possible to maintain an Alkaline pH. According to Dr. Otto Worburg, 1931 Nobel Prize Winner for cancer discovery, “NO disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

> • EXERCISE: Exercise is important in maintaining health. You don’t have to be a marathon runner or hang out at the gym all day either. Just do a simple, modest exercise routine on a regular basis. Throw in some fast walking at work or play to top it off.

> • AVOID STRESS: Stress seems to be the seed to start many ailments. Exercising and meditating on a regular basis will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, much stress.

> • AVOID TOXINS: Many processed foods contain many toxins, including GMO’s, that should be avoided or reduced as much as possible. Also, most of our cleaning products contain many harmful toxic chemicals. The same is true for most skin care products.

> • DETOX: Detoxing on a routine basis will go a long way to eliminating the toxins that get by whatever precautions we’ve been taking to rid ourselves of toxic chemicals.

> • EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: You can not eat too many fruits and vegetables! Fresh is best. Properly prepared canned or frozen works, too. Dried properly is also a great option for getting your fruits and vegetables.

> • SLEEP: Getting enough sleep is very important, too. We all have occasions when getting enough sleep is a challenge and that’s OK. However, don’t make it a habit to not get enough sleep. During sleep is when the body and mind restores itself.

Lead Mag 10 Great Tips


The above 10 great tips will do SO MUCH to help you enjoy a long, healthy life. However, adding the following tips will make it more powerful and long lasting in the long run.

> • FEEDING YOUR MIND: Feeding your mind with positive, soothing thoughts on a regular basis is also very beneficial to your overall health. Hang around positive, strong minded people as much as possible. Reading or listening to great books and watching great videos are easy ways to do this if you don’t have access to positive people easily otherwise. Meditation is also a great help in many ways. Attending live events where positive people are is probably the best boost to your mind feeding program.

> • ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Eating organic food and using organic products is probably one of the easiest and best ways to improve your overall health! It greatly increases the ability to make ALL THE ABOVE TIPS become a reality!

I GET IT! I can hear it now. “Organic fruits and vegetables are TOO EXPENSIVE (if you can find them at all!) They are also messy and go bad quickly (no “chemicals” added to keep them fresh longer.)

How would you feel if you could get ALL the fresh fruit and vegetable nutrients you and your children need daily easily and inexpensively?

What if you could also do it without all the mess?

What if you could also get many of the cleaning and skin care products you use without all the toxins and chemicals that contribute to making you sick and uncomfortable?

If this would be something that you feel would make your life easier and better,

then please visit: www.get-renewed.com

Please, let me know what you think after your visit. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lead Mag 10 Great Tips


Ron Smith
Mipower Health and Wellness

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